About Vasan Eye Care...

A healthcare journey that began with one pharmacy seven decades ago, we have grown into one of the largest network of eye care providers today. Vasan Eye Care network is a premier institution of eye care hospitals in the country and we have been making a difference to over 6 million patients every year, making us a household name in India today. In 2002, we set up our first eye care hospital in Trichy and today we have 170+ super speciality eye care hospitals in our network. Our hospitals are spread across all the states in India, continuously expanding our network to reach the masses. We have been certified as the “World’s Largest Eye Care provider with the maximum number of stand-alone surgical centres” in 2011 by Frost & Sullivan.

Chairman’s Message

They say a humble beginning goes a long way...

I ventured into the healthcare business by taking over a small medical shop in Trichy. It had a reputation of over 60-years of being a trustworthy and very reliable pharmacy for sourcing medicines and medical supplies. From that very day in 1999 to this day, each foot I have put forward and each path I chose to tread have been with the support, courage and motivation of my team.

Today, our family is growing bigger and stronger. Working across India are over 750 ophthalmologists and a 7500 CARE team, each trained to give exemplary care to every patient, without discrimination.

Since its humble beginning over 73 years ago, Vasan has come a long way. Vasan is today synonymous with world-class eye care and expertise.

We constantly strive to excel and are committed to serve every individual who walks through the doors of Vasan Centres spread across India.

I attribute the credit for the overwhelming growth of Vasan Healthcare Group to my team. For they have always shared responsibilities equally, celebrated every achievement and extended a firm helping hand at the time of crisis. In fact, they are the people who have helped me overcome all the challenges during my journey till date.

Together, I’m certain, we can grow towards being the world’s largest day care service provider.


Our Vision

To become the world’s largest eye care service provider, bringing quality healthcare to each and every citizen.


  • Follow stringent ethical practices.
  • Provide value for money.
  • Practice transparency in all our services.
  • Prioritize quality without compromise.
  • Upload our tradition of care.


  • To maintain a smooth and standardized work flow processes.
  • To provide impeccable patient care that exceeds customer satisfaction and expectation.
  • To uphold the pride of our organization, stakeholders and investors at all times.

History of Vasan Eye Care

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