Covid19 - Safety Norms

The world is still reeling under the effects of Covid 19, governments and frontline workers putting in tremendous efforts to save lives and stop the transmission. Although the virus is aggressively multiplying on one side, every section of people have come together to fight it. We at Vasan believe that every small precaution, safety measure and effort taken to fight the virus is significant. Hence we strictly adhere to the safety guidelines set by the government. We are among the first to implement the standard operating protocols suggested by our government to ensure the safety of our patients, our patient care team and support services

Safety Highlights

We strictly follow all required protocols to ensure your safety and the safety of our doctors and patient care team.

We are with you in this fight against Covid19


Frequently asked questions

What are the cleaning and disinfection procedures undertaken at the hospital and Outpatient Departments(OPD)?
  • Fumigation is done everyday for 10 to 15 minutes in OPD.
  • Aldasan solution or formalin swabs are placed in 4 to 5 places in OPD everyday before closing the premises
  • The OPD floors are cleaned every 2 hours with 1% sodium hypochlorite solution
  • Door handles, staircase rails, lift buttons are cleaned with 1% Sodium hypochlorite solution 4 times a day
  • The chairs in the waiting area (armrest and headrest), reception desk, keyboards of all machines and mouse are cleaned with 70% alcohol swabs every 2 hours. Card machines and chairs are cleaned after every patient uses them.
  • Doctors’ chambers and refractionists’ rooms are cleaned with 70% alcohol swabs after every consultation
  • A hand wash sink is provided at the entrance. All doctors and other staff members are required to wash their hands before entering and at regular intervals throughout the day
What are the safety measures that patients are required to follow?
  • Patients and their attenders(only one attender is allowed inside) are required to sanitize their hands before entering the hospital
  • All the people entering the hospital are required to wear masks. Masks are available at the pharmacy
  • Patients are seated at the specified seats only
  • Patients are screened in an open area for general symptoms like fever, running nose and cough before entering the hospital
What are the safety measures followed by doctors?
  • Doctors wear minimum PPE – masks, protective glasses, gloves at all times. They also wear surgical gowns, face shields, foot covers when needed
  • Vision testing,non contact tonometry are done only when absolutely necessary
  • Patients are briefly explained about their condition and treatment
  • Prescriptions are handed over to the Pharmacist directly
  • Doctors sanitize themselves and their work space after each patient’s consultation