Neuro-ophthalmology is the branch of Ophthalmology that deals with diseases of the eye in relation to the nervous system. These fall into two major groups – Optic Nerve Diseases and Eye Movement Disorders

Optic Nerve Diseases

The optic nerve is the only nerve in the body that can be directly examined by a doctor. It connects the eye to the brain. The optic nerve can be affected by Inflammation, Ischaemia (a stroke of the optic nerve), Compression, Raised intracranial pressure and Trauma.

At Vasan, we have an expert team which will put you to the necessary tests to identify the root cause and effectively address the same with the best of the lab equipment and surgery facilities.  In some cases, blood work, CT or MRI scan is needed to confirm the problem.

Eye Movement Disorders

Eye Movement Disorders can present as double vision, blurred vision or ‘Unstable’ (shaky) vision and usually occurs due to orbital disease, stroke, diseases of the nerves,  muscles and portions of brain that control movement and diseases affecting the transmission of signals between nerve and muscle.

Eye Movement Disorders that occur suddenly require urgent medical attention to rule out serious conditions such as a rupture of blood vessels supplying the brain.  Our expert doctors and state-of-the-art technology ensure prompt and effective treatment of all types of eye movement disorders.

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