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What are Corneal services?

Your cornea is like the windshield of your eye, located at the front and shaped like a dome. It shields your eye from debris and germs while filtering some UV rays. It allows light to enter and plays a crucial role in vision by focusing light onto the retina.

However, various conditions can impact the cornea, potentially causing vision issues. Corneal services is a collective term referring to treatments to fix these issues.

When / Why do I need it

When do I need Corneal Services?

While many diseases or injuries can affect the cornea, keratoconus is one of the most common and serious issues.

Keratoconus is a condition where the cornea bulges into a cone shape, leading to vision problems. It gets worse with time and cannot be reversed, but early diagnosis allows for stabilisation with C3R (CXL) therapy.
In advanced stages, corneal transplantation techniques may be necessary.

Symptoms of Keratoconus include:

  • Poor vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Blurry vision
  • Distorted vision
  • Irritated eyes
  • Changing prescription

Procedures at Vasan

How our experts treat it

Corneal Transplant Surgery:

Corneal transplant surgery is like giving your eye a new windowpane. When your cornea is damaged from things like trauma or infections, this procedure swaps out the troubled tissue for a healthy donor cornea, improving your vision. Donor corneas, obtained through eye donations, play a vital role in this sight-saving surgery.

Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (C3R):

Think of C3R therapy as a support system for your cornea. By encouraging collagen fibres to link up, it strengthens the cornea, especially in the early stages of keratoconus. This minimally invasive procedure can put the brakes on the condition's progression, potentially sparing you from needing a full-blown corneal transplant later on.


Your cornea isn’t just a transparent layer; it’s crucial for focusing about 75% of your eye’s power. Without it, your vision would be seriously compromised. So, maintaining a healthy cornea is essential for functional eyesight.

Yes. The cornea is vulnerable to infections, injuries, degenerative disorders, and more. These issues can lead to inflammation, scarring, thinning, or irregularities in the cornea, resulting in vision problems.

Corneal issues often lead to blurred or distorted vision, eye discomfort, redness, light sensitivity, excessive tearing, a feeling of something in the eye, and reduced vision clarity.

Yes, many corneal disorders are treatable. However, the treatment changes as per the specific condition. It may involve medications, eye drops, contact lenses, corneal transplantation (keratoplasty), or, in certain cases, refractive surgery.

Yes. If you use contact lenses improperly or employ poor hygiene, or wear contact lenses for too long, it can lead to corneal issues. These may range from corneal abrasions to infections like microbial keratitis and corneal ulcers. Hence, following proper lens care instructions and having regular check-ups is a must for contact lens users.

No, corneas for transplantation come from deceased donors. Unlike many organs, the cornea doesn’t need a blood supply, making it possible to transplant from a deceased person to another.

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Various conditions can impact the cornea, potentially causing vision issues. Corneal services is a collective term referring to treatments to fix these issues.

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