About ICL

What is ICL?

EVO ICL, or Implantable Collamer Lens, is a refractive procedure that corrects myopia (near-sightedness). It’s a removable lens implant for the eye and an appealing alternative to LASIK and other refractive procedures.

When / Why do I need it

Why should I opt for ICLs?

  1. Quick Results: Patients often experience improved vision immediately after the procedure.
  2. Suitable for Thin Corneas: EVO ICL is a great solution for patients with thin corneas, who are not able to undergo corneal refractive procedures.
  3. Excellent Night Vision: You can achieve excellent night vision with Visian ICL.
  4. Effective for High Near-sightedness: Visian ICL can correct near-sightedness (myopia) of up to -20D.

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What to expect in the treatment?

Our experts make it quick and easy for you.

Your ICL surgery typically lasts just 10-20 minutes.
Standard tests to assess your eye’s unique characteristics are done beforehand.
If you’re farsighted, additional pre-op procedures may be recommended or scheduled.


EVO ICL sits behind your iris and in front of your eye’s natural lens, making it totally invisible to others. Only a trained eye doctor with special tools can spot the vision correction procedure.

Absolutely! EVO ICL provides treatment flexibility. If your vision changes significantly, the lens can be removed.

EVO ICL is meant to remain in your eye permanently, but it can be removed if needed to accommodate future technological advancements or changes in your needs.

No, the EVO ICL is gently inserted into the eye without removing any corneal tissue.

Issues experienced with traditional contact lenses do not come up with EVO ICL. It is engineered to stay put in your eye and operate without much maintenance. However, it’s still advisable to get an annual check-up with our eye doctor to ensure continued safety and effectiveness.

EVO ICL is placed behind the iris and in front of the natural lens, directing light onto the retina for clear distance vision, similar to glasses or contacts.

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