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For over half a century, Vasan Eye Care has been providing quality eye care to the people of India by always emphasizing on putting the needs of the patients first. Today, as the world’s largest eye care network, we have over 100+ hospitals across the country and overseas. With our wide reach of services, we have become a household name in the eye care industry by making a difference to millions of patients every year. Our high quality standards ensure that our patients and their families always get the best..


Vasan Eye Care

Vasan Eye Care is the flagship company under the Vasan Healthcare Enterprise, the journey of which started six decades ago with a single pharmacy in Trichy. Today Vasan Healthcare Enterprise has a rapidly growing chain of services under its umbrella such as Vasan Eye Care, Vasan Dental Care, Vasan Medical Hall and Vasan Institute of Ophthalmology and Research.

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  • It was a pleasure visiting Vasan Eye Care Hospital. I was impressed with the functioning of the hospital. I am sure it would attract more patients as it belongs to a professional group. I wish the hospital success.
    Mr. R. Krishnan
    Calicut, Kerala
  • Hi, I am a computer engineer working for an MNC working for long hours daily.   I had severe burning in my eyes and I came to Vasan.  At Vasan, they did a detailed study of my condition and the doctor patiently addressed my situation once and for all.  I was also counselled on how to prevent this from happening again.    I have now referred Vasan to some of my colleagues who are getting their treatments.
    Mr. Prakash Reddy
  • This is the only hospital I have ever seen in my lifetime which is cleaner than your own house. The perfect place to treat the most precious part of your body. The doctors are very deft and confident. My surgery which was a nightmare turned into a holiday package. And I get a clean and bright vision with extremely pleasant people. Thanks for this wonderful holiday. It was a lifetime experience with Vasan.
    Ms. Rathi Ramakrishnan
    Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Mr. Raj Dahiya
    I am so happy. After 8 years, I got my vision corrected through LASIK treatment. I got my freedom from contact lenses and spectacles. Thank you Vasan Eye Care.
    Mr. Raj Dahiya
  • Our family wishes to express our heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent care during the recent LASIK treatment. The sensitivity and support of your fine staff helped us throughout our visit times. My eyes are perfect now and I’m able to see without specs or contact lenses.
    Ragini Rawat
  • Mr. R. Poornachandran
    Hats off to Vasan Eye Care ! I am a retired Principal aged 73, and had undergone cataract surgery at Vasan Eye Care at Lakshmi mills corner, Coimbatore.I am so happy to endorse my comfort I had and stored in my heart - right from the entrance door till my discharge, why even after ,I was given all that I need. The investigation was carried out carefully to the satisfaction of the Patient. The outcome of the surgery is GOOD. The post operative care was explained in the understandable /chosen language.Go ahead, continue to serve forever.
    Mr. R. Poornachandran
  • Dr. Tettraravou Rock
    I feel very happy and fully appreciate the very good services rendered by your medical doctors and other staffs.  My wife Sheela was operated for cataract (bilateral).  The surgery was excellent.  All the doctors and staffs were very caring and affectionate.  May god bless you all !
    Dr. Tettraravou Rock
  • My father ( aged 55 ) is a lorry driver and he was complaining about not able to see clearly the corners unless he turns his head.  We met the doctor at Vasan three years back and he checked the pressure of the eye and gave him drops to use.  With constant followups and checks from Vasan eye care regularly with my dad, his condition has not deteriorated so far.
    Ananya Senthil
    Srirangam, Tricy, Tamilnadu
  • I visited the hospital as my son's, eye was bleeding due to an injury. I was straight away taken to doctors. Medicine, Care, Prescription given before even I could utter a word. Am I really on the same PLANET? you guys rock! GOD BLESS!”.
    Deepti Bahwa
    Amritsar, Punjab
  • Priyanka D
    "I have been wearing spectacles since i was 10 years old.  Thanks to Vasan for suggesting me the best fit for the contact lenses.  Instead of being behind the glasses, I am now able to see more clearly and look better with the contact lenses made just for me.   I think I may try out the cosmetic ones in the future too."  
    Priyanka D
  • Mr. Anand Cooray
    "My vision was going bad after years of strain as a mountain guide. I wasn't able to work. I had to live with loss of wages, depression and pain. There were places in Europe and also in the United States, but the treatment cost at Vasan Eye Care in India was much cheaper, and the quality of service was excellent…"
    Mr. Anand Cooray
  • Mr. Adel Hussein Ali
    "I feel I've been treated more like a guest in a hotel than a patient in a hospital. Patients get services second to none at Vasan Eye Care. I am coming back in 6 months"
    Mr. Adel Hussein Ali