One person can bring light into the lives of two people through an unconditional service

According to the World Health Organization, corneal diseases (damage to the tissue covering the front of the eye called cornea) are among the major causes of vision loss and blindness, after cataract and glaucoma.

A person's eyes can be donated only after he/she is declared dead. Only the cornea can be transplanted to another person. One person's donation can help two people to gain vision. The removal process takes only 15 minutes without creating any hassles to the family.

When it comes to eye donation, there is a lack of awareness among the public and there are many confusions around it. At Vasan, we advocate eye donation and are always ready to answer all the questions you have about it.

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Contact the nearest Vasan Eye Care hospitals when you come across a pair to donate.

Please note : Eyes must be removed within 4 - 6 hours after death. Eyes can be removed by a registered medical practitioner only. We will instruct the nearest eye bank team and they will visit the home of the deceased or the hospital to remove the eyes.