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    Our Treatments

    Refractive Surgery

    Refractive surgery is the process of reclaiming your vision and freedom. After careful evaluation, our experts can decrease or completely eliminate your dependency on glasses.

    Retina Services

    The retina is the light-sensitive layer of tissue at the back of your eyeball. At Vasan, we employ advanced techniques to diagnose diseases that affect your retina.

    Corneal Services

    Various conditions can impact the cornea, potentially causing vision issues. Corneal services is a collective term referring to treatments to fix these issues.

    Anti-VEGF Agents

    Anti-VEGF agents are a group of medications which block the activity of VEGF, therefore reducing bleeding and vascular leakage.

    Our Experts

    Every Indian has the right to quality eye care, and it is only possible with qualified eye experts. We know that and we ensure everybody who walks into our centres has access to accomplished, experienced, and compassionate doctors.

    Dr. K. Kamal Babu
    • MBBS DO
    • Regional Medical Director, Phaco and Refractive Surgeon
    • 20 years of experience
    Dr. Anusha Venkatraman
    • VR Surgeon
    • 14 years of experience
    Dr. Debashish
    • MBBS, MD , FRCS
    • VR Surgeon
    • 7 years of experience
    Dr. K. Ratankumar
    • MBBS MS(Ophth)
    • Medical Director, Senior Consultant, Phaco and Refractive Surgeon.
    • 33 years of experience.