About Epi-LASIK

What is Epi-LASIK?

Epi-LASIK is a modern refractive treatment option to enable clear vision without glasses or contact lenses. It is similar to LASIK but a thinner flap is cut into the eye, not going deeper than the epithelium.

When / Why do I need it

Why should I opt for Epi-LASIK?

We ensure everybody can opt for a life without glasses or contact lenses. In some cases, LASIK is not deemed suitable for people with a thinner cornea. That’s where Epi-LASIK comes in, it creates a thinner flap than LASIK.

If LASIK is an option for you, you can still opt for Epi-LASIK. Our experts can help you make the choice.

Procedures at Vasan

How do treatments go?

During your initial consultation, your eyes will be dilated with special drops so our experts can assess if you’re eligible for Epi-LASIK. If you are, the surgery will be scheduled.

During the procedure, you’ll receive medication to keep you relaxed and pain-free. Your eye will be gently secured.

A precise epikeratome device will be used to create a thin layer on the surface of your eye. Using suction, this layer will be isolated.

Next, a laser will reshape your cornea to improve your vision.

The thin layer will be carefully put back in place, and you’ll wear a special contact lens to aid healing.


LASIK generally boasts faster visual recovery, quicker healing, and less discomfort compared to Epi-LASIK. However, Epi-LASIK might be preferred in cases involving patients with thin or irregularly shaped corneas.

Most of the time goes into preparing your eye and the laser, while the actual treatment takes a very short time. Expect the whole process to last around 2 hours, covering prep, post-surgery care, and paperwork.

In terms of recovery, Epi-LASIK is known for causing less discomfort and healing quicker than PRK. While pain and discomfort aren’t usually severe, you might feel some discomfort during the initial stages of recovery.

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